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 Centuries old jungle outside village Maksudra district Ludhiana of Punjab, India was known as Dhakki. Sant Baba Darshan Singh Ji Khalsa consecrated Dhakki by mediation there for long time in 1986-87. The fragrance of Baba ji's Meditation, recitation of naam and spiritual gatherings started spreading all around. Consequently thousands of devotees started coming to the holy Dhakki to have glimpse of Baba ji. Keeping in view the keen wishes of these devotees Baba ji started a campaign of disseminating the message of Gurmat and initiating several tasks of social and human welfare. Now this place is known as Tapoban Dhakki Sahib.
      Baba ji preaches the oneness of all religions, adherence to one's own religion by the devotees, recitation of Namm, Sharing of food, keeping away from cast system and superstitions, renouncing alcohol and drugs, protecting the environment, respecting the elders & fostering universal brotherhood & world peace.

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 "Ask whatsoever thou wishest of him alone, seek whatsoever thou seekest from him alone. Put the trust in the merciful Lord." 

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